Changes for Upcoming Winter 20-21 Season
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For the upcoming 2020-2021 Winter Season Hockey North America will be introducing some new & updated features to the program. Some of these already are present in a few programs. With 20-21 the features listed below will be fully integrated into all programs.

  1. HNA will make the full transition to a team registration format. HNA already have a few programs that do this as common practice, but in an era where there’s a possibility of things shutting down again on short notice, the hockey league needs to be in a position whereby the individual players are no longer substantially prepaid.
  2. With team registration and the possibility of a “second wave” of Covid-19,  HNA will plan out team installment payments by looking at past game pacing, and make it so the teams are never too far ahead on money paid in vs. games played. This is in case the season happens to stop again like 19-20 season did. This is a step taken to protect player money.
  3. Along with Team registration and paced out installment payments, the league will require an automatic credit card authorization for payments that will be charged on the due date. 
  4. All teams will now make the playoffs, this new features will keep things interesting all the way to the end, but also allows the league to make division adjustments for the best matchups, So, for example, a 20 game season last year will now be 18 games + 2 playoff games and entry into the double elimination tournament 
  5. The team uniform requirement will now be matching team jerseys (home / away) with a number unique to each player. Matching pant / socks / helmet will no longer be required to play in HNA. Every rostered player, including any subs/reserves, will have to have their own jersey with a unique number, no exceptions.  Anyone playing – team jerseys with team logo, and a unique number.
  6. We're creating a new Individual Registeration area. Every member of an HNA roster will now go online and registration for a specific program they'd like to play in. Players will also be able to digitally sign an online waiver. This process will be required for all members of any team. 

    Each player will have the ability to create their own HNA.COM account and provide updated information and be able to receive notices from the league using the newly updated notification system. The League will provide information on how to do this when 20-21 registration opens.

Keep an eye out for messages to your Captain or updates on the website for more information about the upcoming season.

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