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June 29, 2015
Congratulations to 2014-15 Champions
Congratulations to the new HNA Champions, winners of the 2014-2015 playoff tournament.

Tier 3, Level 1 - Cleveland Chirp Sity (OT)
Tier 3, Level 2 - Calgary Punishers
Tier 4, Level 1 - Cleveland Icemen
Tier 4, Level 2 - Washington, DC Shooters
Tier 4, Level 3 - New Jersey Shock
Tier 4, Level 4 - Chicago Shooters (OT)
Tier 4, Level 5 - New Jersey Kodiak Bears

June 6, 2015
Confirmed HNA Championship Teams
Here are the teams confirmed as attending the HNA Championships in Toronto, June 19-21, 2015. These teams have submitted their documents. Not on the list but think your team is attending? Every team, without exception, must submit the registration documents that were to the Captain of every qualifying team. Make sure the forms are turned in.

Last Updated: June 8, 2015. Registration for this event is now closed.

Boston Ducks
Boston Ice Sharks
Boston Rattlers
Boston Thunder
Calgary Punishers
Calgary Rusty Blades
Chicago Barbarians
Chicago Coyotes
Chicago Grizzlies
Chicago Hoseheads
Chicago Meatwads
Chicago Misfits
Chicago Shooters
Chicago Stingrays
Chicago Storm
Chicago Wildcats
Cleveland Chirp Sity
Cleveland Crusaders
Cleveland Glaciers
Cleveland Hurricanes
Cleveland Icemen
Cleveland Lumberjacks
Cleveland Martians 4A
Cleveland Shoremen
Cleveland Stampede
Detroit Hawks
Detroit Pitbulls
Detroit Stingers
Detroit Yellowjackets
New Jersey Force
New Jersey Jets
New Jersey Knights
New Jersey Kodiak Bears
New Jersey Nighthawks
New Jersey Outlaws C
New Jersey Outlaws D
New Jersey Renegades
New Jersey Shock
New York Badgers
New York Chiefs
New York Hornets
New York Lightning
New York Wranglers
St. Louis Piranhas
St. Louis Mustangs 2
St. Louis Rattlers
St. Louis Rebels
St. Louis Shock
St. Louis Stars
St. Louis Wildcats
Wash DC Admirals
Wash DC Barbarians
Wash DC Bruins
Wash DC Cobras
Wash DC Cougar Patrol
Wash DC Disciples C2
Wash DC Disciples D1
Wash DC HK-D2
Wash DC Shamrocks
Wash DC Shooters
Wash DC SIP Dawgs
Wash DC Wild

May 1, 2015
How To Register Online
Welcome! As we get things underway for the coming season, the USA based leagues have the ability to register to play hockey online using HNA.COM. Click on "Leagues" at the top of this page, and then select "Register a Player." Please note that you can by using Visa, MC, Discover or E-Check. Charges are processed by PAYPAL and will appear on your statement as "HNA Lg Fees."

If you would like to speak with someone you may call the HNA League Office at 800-4-HOCKEY (800-446-2539). Anyone that answers the phone will be able to help you. This feature currently available to US based players only.

July 16, 2014
2015 Europe Tournament - March 19-22, 2015
The 2015 Europe tournament for Hockey North America will take place the weekend of March 19-22, 2015 at the PWA Silverdome in Zoetermeer / The Hague in The Netherlands. More info to come, but please plan to join us.
June 24, 2014
Congratulations to 2013-14 Champions
Congratulations to the 7 new Hockey North America League Champions. These teams won their respective level of play as part of the 29th HNA League Championships, in which 80 teams from around Hockey North America participated, coming together in the host city of Toronto to playoff against one another, to determine this season's champions.

Tier 2 Level 1
St. Louis Rebels - Champions
Minneapolis Farmers - Runners Up

Tier 2 Level 2
New Jersey Renegades - Champions
Cleveland Fireblades - Runners Up

Tier 4 Level 1
Calgary Rusty Blades - Champions
Chicago Meatwads - Runners Up

Tier 4 Level 2
New Jersey Knights - Champions
Boston Rattlers - Runners Up

Tier 4 Level 3
Chicago Hoseheads - Champions
Washington, DC Badgers - Runners Up

Tier 4 Level 4
St. Louis Piranhas - Champions
New York Hornets - Runners Up

Tier 4 Level 5
St. Louis Shock - Champions
Chicago Vipers - Runners Up

March 6, 2014
League Tie-Breakers

In case of a standings tie, here are the league tie-breakers
1. Points
2. Wins
3. Head to Head Competition
4. Better Division Record
5. Fewer Goals Against
6. Goals For
7. Fewer (Team) Penalty Minutes
8. Coin Toss

June 28, 2013
2013 HNA Finals - Winning Teams
Congratulations to the following teams for their victory in Toronto as part of the 2013 Hockey North America Championships

Tier 1 - St. Louis Rebels
Tier 2 - St. Louis Grizzlies (OT)
Tier 3 - St. Louis Mustangs
Level 1 - Chicago Meatwads
Level 2 - Cleveland Hurricanes
Level 3 - Washington, DC Grizzlies
Level 4 - Chicago Stingrays
Level 5 - New York Ice Breakers (OT/Shootout)

June 20, 2012
2012 HNA League Championships Results
Congratulations to the following teams for their winning performance at the League Championships in Toronto & Chicago. 2012 is the 27th Year of the HNA Championships.

Location: Chicago, IL June 8-10
Minneapolis-St. Paul Farmers, Tier 2
Minneapolis-St. Paul Summit, Tier 3.1
Calgary Bulldawgs, Tier 3.2

Location: Toronto, Ontario May 18-20
Chicago Meatwads, Tier 4 L1-D1
St. Louis Stealth, Tier 4L1-DC
Cleveland Predators, in OT, Tier 4 L2
Washington, DC Grizzlies, Tier 4 L3
Chicago Tops, Tier 4 L4
St. Louis Hamms Beermen, Tier 4 L5.

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