Register for HNA Vancouver 2017-18
Payment 1 - Team Deposit. Hockey North America is currently planning the 17-18 season. Making a small deposit now helps the league with ice purchasing, so that we have enough, but not too much. To help with that process HNA is offering a limited time "early bird" small deposit so you can reserve your team's spot and not worry about it over the summer. Early bird registration offer expires June 30th.

Any program questions: Contact Steven King:
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2017-2018 Winter League Features:

At least 32 games!  30 Regular Season Games AND at Least 2 Playoff Games, most teams play 33-37 games. Note: We may also add a team practice or exhibition games in mid-late August.

- HNA is a STOP TIME adult hockey league, playing 3-15 minute stop time periods of play. OT also played, time permitting.

- Playoffs! Playoffs this year will be double elimination, with the Championship series being a best-of-3 format. This playoff format gives you a stable, predictable playoff schedule and a chance to play a variety of teams in the playoff round!

- Excellent Wednesday-to-Sunday Ice Times at Fleetwood / Surrey Sport & Leisure Center.

- HNA is an adult league oriented towards safety and parity (competitive divisions) to give the teams a fun & fair chance to enjoy league hockey.

- HNA does not skate on major holiday or events - such as Thanksgiving Sunday, Christmas. Teams may opt out of playing on Superbowl, or Grey Cup.

- Detailed Stat Tracking and Box scores, updated regularly on the League's website, HNA.COM

- An HNA Exclusive! Year End HNA Championship Finals Tournament against HNA USA Teams. Hockey North America is part of a large network of adult teams in the USA/ Canada/ Norway / Netherlands.

-Fantastic Optional tournaments in Banff, Calgary, Atlantic City, Hershey PA, and HNA's own "Team Canada" trip to Europe / The Netherlands / Amsterdam in March 2018.

2017-18, Upcoming Installment Payment Dates
#1 - EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION!  Just a $400 Deposit (normally $500) - Hurry! Early Bird offer expires June 30th.
#2 - August 15 - $2,500.00
#3 - September 30 - $3,100
#4 - October 30 - $3,200 (after 10/30 add $100)
#5 - November 30 - $2,300 (after 11/30 add $250)
#6 - January 15 - $1250 (after 1/15 add $250)

Note that payments are to be made in a timely manner to receive the lower price.

Have any questions?
Contact HNA Vancouver Program Manager Steve King - or by telephone 604-897-1643

Would you like to call in a payment or have a general question? You may do so to the Hockey North America League Office @ 1-800-4-HOCKEY (800-446-2539). The HNA League Office is open 9AM - 4 PM Eastern Time).
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