Register for HNA Winter 2020-2021

The Winter 20-21 Program is now available for registration. All teams in HNA now register via the team payment format. This will help both the league and its players with regard to the possibility of a temporary pause in the season due to any health concerns such as we all experienced last March. For more changes to the upcoming 20-21 season, please review the post in the "newsletter" section of the HNA.COM website.

- The Price for Hockey North America in 20-21 will be a team fee of $8,250, (similar to last year's price). Under the team registration format, you may carry up to 22 skaters on your roster for the season (i.e. no change from prior years). Be sure to read below for the full program description.

- Season Format Change! Remains at 20 games, but is now broken down as 18 Regular Season games + At least 2 Playoff games. ALL TEAMS NOW QUALIFY FOR THE PLAYOFF ROUND of at least 2 games in a double elimination format.

- More installments, lower payments. This year's payments will mostly keep pace with the games played. This is to protect the teams against a possible health related stoppage in play, similar to last March.

- Download & Review the HNA Covid-19 Safety Plan. As we get closer to the start of the season we will keep the teams appraised of any new hygiene protocols implemented by the arenas. The HNA Safety plan is meant to be a before / during / after guideline that complements Arena protocols.


Payment 1 - $250 Team Deposit. A Team Deposit is required to secure a spot in the upcoming 20-21 schedule
Team Name

Welcome to 2020-2021 Winter Hockey - HNA's 41st Season!

- 20 Game Season - 18 Regular Season Games + At least 2 Playoff games as part of the double elimination post season tournament.
- Game Format: 3 - 15 Minute Stop Time Periods
- 5 Minute OT played in tie games, time permitting.
- Double Elimination Playoffs - All Teams Qualify
- Detailed Stat Tracking & Regular Website Updates
- Awards to winning teams.
- Qualifying playoff teams advance to the HNA Finals, June 2021.

A team roster must be submitted prior to schedule generation. Any subsequent roster changes must receive prior approval by the League Administrator. All skaters must have a unique number attached to their team jersey. All skating players must have a team jersey, which is the same jersey as other team members, with team logo & a unique number attached.

A HECC or CSA approved ice hockey helmet is required of all skaters. Each skater must wear at least a 1/2 shield / visor facial protection.
No exceptions. All players & goaltenders must use protective equipment designed specifically for ice hockey. See the HNA Rules & Policy Guide, available for download from for full playing rules & HNA policies.

Upcoming Installment Payment Dates - note that this is the current timeline of payments based on a mostly normal starting point for the season. If the start of the season is delayed, we'll likewise adjust the due dates and let everyone know.

(8/17 Update: St. Louis County has put adult hockey on pause again, we will update the payment details as they do)

#1 - $250 Deposit - Now Available!
#2 - TBA - $1675
#3 - TBA - $2200
#4 - TBA - $1850
#5 - TBA - $1575
$6 - TBA - $700

Hockey North America is a no checking / no fighting league that emphasizes safety and parity for adults players over 21 years of age. The full playing rules & League policies are available in the "downloads" section of

Teams must maintain a current payment account to be eligible for scheduled games or playoffs.

Any questions please call the HNA League Office at 800-4-HOCKEY (800-446-2539)