Register for HNA Winter 2021-2022

The Winter 21-22 Program is now available for registration. Registering via the team fee format allows the team to carry as many as 22 skaters, enabling you to spread the cost to play out amongst teammates, as well as keep a full bench if you have teammates that travel regularly. Note that each team member still needs to have a team jersey with a unique number.

- The price for Hockey North America in 21-22 will be a team fee of $8,370 spread out over 5 payments.

The 21-22 season will be a 20 game regular season. For those teams that qualify there will be a double elimination playoff round. In addition, qualifying playoff teams will advance to the HNA Championship Finals.

- More installments, lower payments. You can now spread your team payments out over time. 

-2 Money Saving Registration Options Available Prior to August 1. Register by 7/31 with a deposit and save $200 or you can pay in full by 7/31 and save $450

Pay In Full Option - Note that if you use this option you will be charged $7,920 as full payment for the 21-22 season
Team Name
Mobile Phone No
Team Fee Option 2 - Deposit & Installment Payments

Payment 1 - Team Deposit. A Team Deposit is required to secure a spot in the upcoming 21-22 schedule. A limited time $200 early deposit discount is available until July 31. The current deposit amount is $250. After 7/31 the deposit will be $450
Team Name
Mobile Phone No

Welcome to 2021-2022 Winter Hockey - HNA's 42nd Season!

- 20 Game Regular Season
- Double Elimination Playoffs for those teams that qualify
- 90 minute ice slots
- Game Format: 3 - 15 Minute Stop Time Periods
- 5 Minute OT played in tie games, time permitting.
- Detailed Stat Tracking & Regular Website Updates
- Team & Individual Awards to winning teams.
- Qualifying playoff teams advance to the HNA Finals, June 2022.

A team roster must be submitted prior to schedule generation. Any subsequent roster changes must receive prior approval by the League Administrator. All skaters must have a unique number attached to their team jersey. All skating players must have a team jersey, which is the same jersey as other team members, with team logo & a unique number attached.

A HECC or CSA approved ice hockey helmet is required of all skaters. Each skater must wear at least a 1/2 shield / visor facial protection.
No exceptions. All players & goaltenders must use protective equipment designed specifically for ice hockey. See the HNA Rules & Policy Guide, available for download from for full playing rules & HNA policies.

Upcoming Installment Payment Dates
#1 - $250 Deposit - Now Available! - After 7/31 the team deposit will be $450
#2 - August 30th - $2200
#3 - September 30th - $2675
#4 - October 30th - $1845
#5 - November 30th - $1200

Hockey North America is a no checking / no fighting league that emphasizes safety and parity for adults players over 21 years of age. The full playing rules & League policies are available in the "downloads" section of

Teams must maintain a current payment account to be eligible for scheduled games or playoffs.

Any questions please call the HNA League Office at 800-4-HOCKEY (800-446-2539)