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Hockey North America is now registering a short Winter program that will begin approximately February 10th.
Program is at least 10 sessions, features smaller rosters for more ice time, includes a jersey & at least one playoff game
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“If You’re Ready – Hockey North America is Ready”

Online Registration now available for Winter 2021. You can use the link below to register via team fee


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Program Organizer Contact: Alan Rakvin, email:

Space is limited!


While we continue to wait for the majority of the arenas to re-open, Hockey North America has put together a short winter program to skate out of the St. Peters Rec-Plex starting in early February until approximately April.


In surveying the HNA captains we found that there are a good amount of players that would like to play, but not everyone on the team was ready just yet though the team would still like to mostly remain intact. With that in mind we’ve put together a low cost program that will allow the players that would like to get out and skate now the opportunity to do so. We’re trying to be flexible here to help keep the rinks, and the hockey league operating so the players have a place to play.


If you have a full team that is ready to register, please use this page in order to gain the maximum benefit of access to more roster spots.


Since July, HNA has played over 500 league games, has staged clinics and even has had 2 tournaments – with no issues. What we’ve found is that the Covid guidelines work and work well when followed properly. We’re happy to be able to offer everyone a chance to get back on the ice for some league play in a relaxed environment.


This short Winter program will operate starting approximately February 10th and will conclude in April. Right now the plan is to skate all games out of St. Peters, but  if the other arenas happen to open up during this time we’ll certainly look at working them into the schedule.


Program Features:

- Price: $2,925, includes team jerseys

- At least 10 Games (9 Regular Season & at least 1 playoff)
- All teams qualify for playoff round

- Single Elimination Playoffs

- 60 Minute Ice Times

- Detailed Gm and Stats Reporting

- Awards for Playoff Winning teams

- Includes a team jersey

- Roster Size - you can carry as few as 13 players, or go up to 18, at the team's discretion



Any questions?
The HNA League Office is 800-446-2539 (800-4-HOCKEY) open Monday - Thursday, 10AM - 2PM
Program Organizer: Alan Rakvin,