July 6, 2020
Program by Program Status - Updated 7/31/2020
Be sure to check here for updates on return-to-hockey status for Hockey North America Programs.

Note that while all HNA programs are working on a return to hockey, they will come back online at different times, based on State or Provincial guidelines, along with the individual ice arena openings.

Hockey North America will only open & resume play in accordance with State or Provincial guidelines, many of which will affect you and your teammates when you enter the arena.

Be sure to check out HNA's Covid-19 Safety Plan, available in the downloads section of this website. The HNA Covid 19 Safety Plan is meant to work as an overlay to ice arena guidelines so you should likewise check the arena's website before you head out for a game.

Last Updated: July 31st. The information below reflects current operational status. All programs have Winter 20-21 plans in the works that will be announced by August 3rd.

Boston - No Return to Hockey dates announced yet
Calgary - Currently skating Summer League
Chicago - Now registering for summer league, play begins August 3rd.
Cleveland - Currently skating - completing 19-20 Games.
Detroit - No Return to Hockey dates announced yet
New Jersey - Some arenas are open, No Return to Hockey dates announced yet.
New York - Some arenas are open, No Return to Hockey dates announced yet
St. Louis - Some arenas are open, We anticipate a return to games August 10th.
Vancouver - No Return to Hockey dates announced yet
Washington, DC - Arenas are open, No Return to Hockey dates announced yet. Ice Hockey in Montgomery County, MD currently rated as a "Phase 4" activity.

July 5, 2020
HNA League Office - Limited Re-Opening
After nearly 4 long months of ordered closure, the Hockey North America League Office will open for limited weekly hours starting July 6th.

The Office will be open from 10AM - 2PM Monday - Wednesday as the league, slowly, begins to resume (limited) operations as part of re-opening the HNA program. We will also be answering emails sent to

We will be updating the status of each site on a weekly basis in a separate notice. The most current information will be listed in the "notices" section of Please do not call the office for an update. The latest info will always be right on the website starting Monday July 6th.

April 2, 2020
Online Registration for Upcoming Programs
Greetings Hockey Players & Hockey North America members.

As we all continue to work our way through the COVID-19 crisis, HNA has disabled online registration for the time being. While it's our anticipation that the season will resume at some point, no one knows exactly when. Further, it's likely each of the HNA markets will come back online at their own particular pace.

As such, once the ice arenas come back online we plan to resume the balance of the winter season & playoffs. Also at that point we'll reopen registration for upcoming programs, which will include the early registration discount we typically offer before any given season starts.

Until then, please look after yourselves and follow all State & Federal guidelines so we can all play our part to end the spread of the SARS CoV-2 virus.

January 8, 2020
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